Late September At Spring Creek


The second half of September marks the transition from late summer to early fall.  Green still dominates, but color is pushing in.  The edges of maple leaves are lined with brown and yellow giving texture to the trees.  Black walnut leaves are beginning to turn yellow and fall along with some Sycamores.  Orange and red are more apparent in some Virginia creeper and poison ivy.    

Pale and spotted touch-me-nots have mostly faded along with thistles.  Yellow sunflowers and coneflowers are mostly gone and replaced with blue and white asters.  In contrast Goldenrod abounds.  Some snakeroot still blooms.   

Most mornings are pleasantly cool as are the days.  But stretches of hot days still occur. 

On the ground more leaves have fallen.  Black walnuts are thick in places requiring extra care walking.  It can be like trying to walk across a pool table full of balls. 

The path in B Field

The red color comes from Virginia Creeper

White aster, goldenrod, and orange ivy leaves

Black walnuts

Hackberry trunk covered in vines

Hackberry, white snakeroot, and the last of the Jerusalem Artichokes (or wild sunflowers)

Elm leaves

Maple leaves turning brown and yellow

White aster and poison ivy

Hackberry trunks


  1. Fine quiet moments in the landscape. I love the subtle colors you use. At first tempted to pick favourites, I recognized that all of the image work together like tunes in a piece of music.


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