The title of this photo blog is taken from the brief poem "Encounter" by the Polish poet Czeslaw Milosz. Read it here.

I live in central Illinois with my family.  I teach for a living.   

I use and have used a variety of photography tools, both digital and film.  

Digital: Iphone, various Fuji, Olympus, Canon and Sony digital cameras and lenses.  

Film: Pentax 67, Fuji GA645zi, Fuji GS645, Fuji GW690II, a couple of old 120 6x9 folders, as well as various older Canon, Pentax, and Olympus 35mm film cameras. I digitize the film using a digital camera and macro lens.

Software: I use Adobe Lightroom to edit and store images, although I try to keep editing to a minimum.  On the Iphone, I regularly use RNI Films to apply film simulations.    


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