September 4-10 In the Woods

 After a hot spell, the weather has cooled some.  The woods at Spring Creek still wear late summer, but some changes anticipate fall.  The poison ivy is turning orange.  Fewer flowers in bloom, although both pale and spotted touch-me nots are in full swing.  The occasional tree starting to dull in color.  

Above: Hackberry trees

Above: Remains of wingstem among poison ivy and others

Above:  Black walnut

Above: Goldenrod

Above: Mostly poison ivy and the remains of cutleaf coneflower

Above: Poison vvy turning orange

Above:  Pale Tough-Me-Not

Above: Dogwood

Above: Redbud leaves

Above: Virginia creeper turning orange on a hackberry tree

Above: Snakeroot, goldenrod, and black or brown-eyed susans

Above: Thistleweed bent to the ground

Above:  Spotted Touch-Me-Not

Above: Bare black walnut limbs and nuts. Most black walnuts still have leaves.

Above: Goldenrod and yellowing leaves

Above: Vine losing leaves

Above:  Wild sunflowers or perhaps Jerusalem Artichoke.


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